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new ecommerce platform just added to the beepag service portfolio

BEEPAG launches its new and improved e-commerce platform!

In an era in which everything is available online, the majority of people prefer to buy goods comfortably sitting at home in front of their computers. And to be competitive on the market, especially in our industry, we needed a chenge and a new fast and updated ecommerce platform.

We’ve designed this platform with our clients needs in mind.  The products are now carefully divided by category and type of service, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for just by typing in the keyword or using the intelligent filters provided.

The navigation of the site as well has been improved and bettered in oder to offer a panoramic view of the entire array of solution we can cater for.

among the other things we can print anything you want on (almost) any type of material and in different sizes, from small everyday products like postcards, business cards, leaflets, brochures to bigger formats like posters, banners to bespoke maxi formats.

Browse our online catalogue and discover all our products. If you have any questions regardi our products and services you can now contact our LIVE CHAT and receive an answere straight away!

Our team will be at hand to reply to all your queries and advise you on the best solutions for you. This new feature allows us to have a direct contact with our clients and offer an even better and more efficient service.

A clear communication with our clients is a key factor in building a strong relationship of mutual trust, it’s our promise to always be straightforward and do our best!