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external communication

Exposure without compromise

External communication in all its forms is one of the best ways to advertise your brand and catch people’s attention!

Signage, panels, boards can show your name, image, logo and message in a way that is well visible for everyone. To put it shortly, external communication tells people who you are and what you’re selling.

In fact, it is such a powerful tool that it can be challenging to calculate exactly the extent of the impact it can have on your customers and on sales. If we were to compare it with other means of communication that need a more active participation and attention from the customer, external communication “speaks” even when people are not listening. Since it is, by definition, an external sign, even if people are passing by and not looking carefully at what is around them, the eye ‘sees’ it and the message it carries, even in the brain is not synced yet.

External communication helps maximising the visibility of your business and most importantly of your brand.

As permanent element of your business, it’s always exposed and visible to everyone, that is why it is an important investment.

BEEPAG can help you pick the right signage for your needs.

Our state-of-the-art printing systems can print high quality and high definition images of any size and on any material, thus ensuring a powerful visual impact anywhere. Your message will appear loud and clear.


  • rigid panels
  • adhesive pvc
  • magnetic supports
  • stickers
  • protective film for windows
  • banners
  • maxi banners
  • outlines
  • styrofoam letters
  • signs (with and without lights)
  • flags
  • textiles
  • plaques/ plates
  • vehicle wrapping