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vehicle wrapping

Personalise any vehicle with the messages and images you want!

Vehicle wrapping does exactly what the name says. You can wrap any vehicles with an image or message or both of your choice without any limits on colours or type of images. There are infinite possibilities!

Thanks to advanced printing techniques and special adhesive materials, it is possible to personalise any type of vehicle with images of your products, or your logo, depending on your needs.

If you need to reinforce your brand presence on the market, or simply you would like to reach a wider public in a short period of time, vehicle wrapping is the best advertising solution for you.

Imagine how many people you could reach having your vehicle drive around your area!

We use only the latest digital technologies to realise high quality images of different types and sizes, from small adhesives on parts of the vehicle to the full vehicle wrapping service.

Thanks to special printing techniques and the use of dedicated adhesive materials it’s possible to advertise your brand on the go. Have your logo, a message or images of your products run everywhere on a commercial vehicle. Cars, trucks, vans, mopeds, lorries, trains, planes, anything!

Get in touch with us, tell us about your idea and our expert team will print and apply the adhesive with care and proficiency, making sure to avoid any damage to the external paint of the car body.